who can use wiig?

• anyone who wants to counteract yellow or brassy tones. 

how is it used? 

• shampoo hair as normal. apply wiig generously to towel dried hair, making sure to work it through thoroughly. you can use a comb to help with this if needed. leave it on for desired time frame (usually between 2 to 5 minutes), then rinse thoroughly. that’s it! And there’s no need for conditioner. 

how often should it be used?

• it can be used as often as you wash your hair, or whenever you need to tone your colour. the more yellow or brassy tones you have, the more often it should be used.  

how long should it be left in?

• wiig can be used as part of your usual routine and adds condition and tone in just two minutes. we always recommend a strand test to check tone first. on your first use of wiig, leave it in for no longer than 2 to 5 minutes. after the first use, and once you’re happy with the tone it gives, you can leave it in for up to an hour, depending on the level of tone desired. 
note that porous hair and extensions will tone quicker. 

can you over use wiig?

• no. the proteins used do not build up in the hair. just check in on the level of tone you want your hair to reach colour-wise, to ensure it is your preferred optimum tone result visually. for all other aspects, you can use it as often or for as long as you like. 

why is it different to silver shampoo?

• silver shampoo has a blue tinge to it that can make the hair dull over time. it is also extremely drying for hair. in contrast, wiig has a pearly tone that is more reflective, for shine. moisture and proteins also help to nourish the hair and protect it from future damage. 

is it similar to olaplex?

• it does have its own unique bonding agent that repairs the hair similar to olaplex but wiig also includes colour corrective tone properties. 

how many uses can you get from one bottle?

 • there are around 15+ uses for short hair, 10+ uses for long hair in each bottle

will it weigh my hair down?

 • not at all. unlike 99% of other bonding and restorative treatments out there, wiig does not weigh the hair down, nor does it make it greasy. suitable for those with even the finest hair. hallelujah! 

how soon should I start using wiig, after having my hair coloured?

• wiig is used in the salon as a toner - it can be used straight after or as soon as you notice your colour needs a freshen up, wiig can be used as the perfect fix.